Destination Success, Destination Completed!

DST18_Group PhotoDestination Success was a wonderful success for me. I walked away with 2 brand new certifications and knowledge to get 2 more. What a whirlwind!

IMG_0139 Every morning there was a wellness walk with 30 of my best Salesforce friends. The first day we walked to the old school Las Vegas sign.

I enjoyed getting some fresh air and the blood pumping in my legs. I met all kinds of Salesforce groupies, from newly certified admins to veteran developers working on their architect certs.

We donated school supplies to the Las Vegas School District. I had to make room for all the SalesforceUniversity swag I was collecting. And the swag was flowing! Certified t-shirts, pins for your backpack, tech cord holders, mugs, Astros and the most coveted swag of all: a light book.

I went zip-lining down Fremont street! It was cold and windy but I beat out MsgsquaredMisty Jones and Melissa Linenberger.

2 of my rockstar admins from the Study Certification Group got their advanced admin and app builder certifications. Congrats to Donald Bohrisch and Genise Christianson!


I alsoIMG_0158 got to hang out with David Liu. He was handing out red SFDC99 shirts.  We were super jazzed to wear them on 

His session on “The Transition from Salesforce Administrator to Developer” was so inspiring to hear from someone that has been through the process. David shared some great advice on navigating the trail from admin to developer and on to architect.

I can’t wait to finish up my consulting clouds and start on my path to developer.


IMG_0168Every night I scheduled networking dinners for 8. We dined at different restaurants in the hotel.

We always had a full table of Salesforce nerds. It was so nice to meet so many people interested in the same topic but different paths to get to where they are.

I met a lady who passed 5 certification while at Destination Success. I have to say I was blown away at her knowledge! All time rockstar Michael Drzewiecki walked away with his 13th and 14th certifications!


When it was finally time to go home we played one last round of Wheel of Fortune!


Until next year in Washington, D.C. Destination Success. Sign up here to be notified when registration opens.

Destination Success Roll Call! #DST17

Here’s the lowdown of Destination Success. #DS17 One full week in Vegas selecting your favorite track of awesomeness. 3 chances at certification tests. Monday before the training sessions start, Thursday after session complete and Friday morning before you leave.

This year I thought I would challenge myself. I’ve been studying the for the App Builder since Dreamforce. I’m taking the certification test on Monday morning, crossing my fingers for a win! For my sessions I signed myself up for the Developer track. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed but hopeful. I have no expectations for passing the Developer cert while I’m at #DS17. I do want to try my hand at the Sales Cloud certification. Added bonus: you can take any cert test you want.

This year Misty Jones (@MistyRaeJones), Monica Sanberg (@NotIsBlank) and I thought it would be awesome to network and meet others while we are there. Misty and Monica created Destination Success Roll Call for the community to start posting who they are, what they are interested in and the track they are taking. Everyone shares tips for studying and I started a google doc for dinner reservations. It never amazes me more than how quickly the Salesforce community jumps in to help one another.

I’m a self taught learner. I like the Salesforce training sessions as a kick start to learning. I do have realistic expectations when it comes to my learning style. #DS17 is going to be a whirlwind of a week! Learning, networking and certification galore! I can’t wait to see all of the community. Best of luck to us all!