It’s been a YEAR

Holy moly…. I have been away for year! I got myself so busy that I just didn’t make time for blogging. Like many things in the realm that get started and not finished, I seem to come back to them eventually.

What brought me back to my blog? Well I started a code bootcamp at University of Arizona. One of our assignments is to blog about our experience learning to code. So I’m back at it.

Starting out in the bootcamp so freaking scary….

I know I have a good support group and knowledge of the platform, plus passing the Salesforce Developer certification. That still doesn’t mean that this princess doesn’t doubt herself on a regular.

The first week was chaos. I was an emotional mess of doubt, fear and frustration. It started out ok with learning HTML. I built a page to house all my assignments. I was giddy to share it with my mentors. I moved on to learning some Ruby basics.

Then shit got real… I had my first road block on an assignment…. I started to freakout and almost called it quits. I googled my little baby developer heart out only to find examples of code that I couldn’t figure out how to use. I finally turned in the assignment and moved on to something else.

Trying to keep myself motivated to learn this code stuff at night and on the weekends while keeping up with all my parental duties, work, health/fitness and not go crazy. By the second week I was frazzled. I was feeling a fraud. I felt like I wasn’t keeping up with the lessons that I needed to get done each week.

I knew I needed to meet with my mentor. He asked me how I was doing. “Not good dude.” was all I could get out. In that hour he turned everything around for me. He gently reminded me of how far I’ve come in a week and a half. From never working with HTML or Ruby I’ve created a site from scratch.

We looked at the assignment that had me all in a twist. I just said “I have no idea what I’m doing here.” We went line by line troubleshooting and testing each line to have it put an output. My brain was burning. All the lightbulbs were flipping on room by room.

I just finished week two of my code bootcamp. You can follow along with me here as I fill in the assignments each week.

Salesforce Princess – Admineloper

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