Coding Crown: My Developer Path


Where to start… this was so overwhelming. I had a developer co-worker suggest I read the Apex Developer Guide. I downloaded all 3,000+ pages to my iPad. Still overwhelming.

So I started to search for blogs with helpful suggestions. The usual suspects came up in my search:

David Liu Apex Academy  – I listened to the Pluralsight videos in the car driving to and from work. Once I listened to them I would review again when I could walk through each one at my laptop.

Salesforce Ben’s guest post from Ruben Ortiz – I used this mostly to seek out the sections of the Apex Developer Guide I should read.

But Gemma Emmett’s blog, Always a Blezard, is my new favorite! She has a whole list of blogs to guide you through the Architect path.

 RAD Women Who Code

My next stop was the RAD Women Who Code chatter group. I had been lurking in the shadows of this group for a while. I submitted last year to join the cohort but came up with many excuses why I “couldn’t handle” this class on my plate right now.

Once I got over myself and just went for it I was happy that I did! Once a week I would join 8 other ladies with Tami Lau (@tami_ell ‏) and Simon Goodyear (@simongoodyear )  to learn how to demystify coding. If you want to learn more check out the website: (RAD) Women


Then I bit off way more that I could chew… I signed up for the Developer training class. I attended the virtual sessions that started at 5:30 AM PST. (I know what was I thinking?) I was pleasantly surprised that I actually understood what was being taught. I will credit the RAD sessions for getting me to a base knowledge of code and my admin skills for knowing the declarative parts.

Wrapping it up

I will continue to study. I scheduled my certification test out a month to give myself time to soak all the goodness in and possibly read that 3,000+ page guide.

I also found a certification prep video in the premier support training videos that is super helpful.

Certification Preparation for Platform Developer I 

If you don’t have premier support here is a list Trailmixes that will help you prepare.

TrailheaDX Bootcamp Prep Trailmix:

Prepare for Your Salesforce Platform Developer I Credential