Dreamforce 2019 Agenda Builder Is LIVE!

Agenda Builder is LIVE for Dreamforce 2019!

Join these BossLadies for a look at the tools and resources available to you. Learn why certifications and hands-on skills are essential to your career path. This session has everything you need to take your certification preparation to the next level.

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Tues 8:50 AM – https://lnkd.in/gxRQfAy

Wed 9:30 AM – https://lnkd.in/gJ65R4w

Wed 12:30 PM – https://lnkd.in/gvvKTeR

Thurs 9:30 AM – https://lnkd.in/gpvb-ev

Thurs 12:10 PM – https://lnkd.in/gCneAgc

Dreamforce: Let the Preparation Begin

This is my 13th Dreamforce… Woah. I vaguely remember my first. It was still small and easy to get around Moscone. I more remember Dreamforce 2009. That was the year I decided to stop being a wallflower. I made myself meet speakers and people in the community. That was the year that I took ahold of my career and started to network and grow my skills passed being “just a Salesforce Administrator”.

Today I’m excited to work at the Mothership and preparing Trailblazers for their #DreamJobs. Each year gets bigger and better. I learn so much at Dreamforce from sessions to Keynotes, networking events to just standing in line and chatting up the person next to me.

This year I’m speaking EVERY DAY! I remember thinking last year I was busy as an MVP, Community Group Leader, and speaker. I have the pleasure of being on a session with 2 other #BossLadies; Misty Jones and Jet Kasinger.

We are sharing our expertise in preparing for the Salesforce Administrator certification. Join us each day for a theater session in the Trailhead Acadamy at Hilton Union Square or for a full session on Wednesday at 12:30 PM in Moscone West.

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Certification Preparation

If you are preparing to take a certification at Dreamforce here are some great ways to study:

#BeSuper with the Superbadge sweepstakes

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Get started with the Administrator Super SetImage from iOS

Get your study on with a trailmix and study preparation badge.

Remember certifications are 1/2 off the normal $200. Even if you don’t think you are ready to pass that exam, taking it at Dreamforce might just give you the confidence you need to pass it later at home when you have taken the time to study. #FailForward

Dreamfore Preparation

Now let’s get you ready for a week with 180,000 of your best friends!

If you are a first-timer or an OG (Original Gangster) at Dreamforce let’s start getting you prepared for the week. There are your well-known suggestions:

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Find snacks and make time to eat
  • Drink Water
  • Pack light for the day (no laptop needed)
  • Plan out your agenda for the day
  • Be prepared to make a last min adjustment in your agenda
  • Don’t overdo it.
  • Find a Trailblazer buddy

Then there is more good stuff:

  • Sign-up to take a certification at Dreamforce (It is 1/2 price)
  • Start preparing your body.
    • Walk at least 20 mins a day
    • Get your flu shot now. (I’ll wait. Go do it!)
    • Drink water
    • Take your vitamins
  • Get a small conference bag
  • Carry a small rechargeable battery for your phone
  • Download the Dreamforce Events app
  • Layer your clothing
    • Trailblazer Hoodie
    • Tshirt
    • Jeans
    • Did I say comfortable shoes?
  • Start a Trailhead Badge to use on your Quest
  • Take a break in the park or lobby where there are bands and Trailblazers to chat up
  • If you have time tour the city before or after

What to pack?

I bring a suitcase in a suitcase. If you know me well, you know I have a bit of a #Swag collection. This is 13 Dreamforce’s worth of swag.

Image from iOS (1)

I also bring a survival kit. It is a small kit with gum, bandaids, a bottle of various headache/bodily function healing meds and in case of emergency candy.

#MayTheForceBeWithYou this Dreamforce. Have fun, learn epic stuff and meet someone new. Please say HI if you see me.

Is it Dreamforce Yet?

Victory Screech

I finally completed all the requirements for graduation of my code bootcamp!

This bootcamp about broke my brain. It was a ginormous leap into the realm of coding. It was not for the faint of heart for sure. This course was to take a non-coder to a full-stack coder in 24 weeks. I laughed at myself for even thinking that would be my end result, but if you know me, I wasn’t going to let that scare me off.

The skills that I learned from this course were Rudy, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. I also got super comfortable with GIT, Visual Code Studio and Heroku.  Soft skills that I furthered where time management, life juggling, stress management, and geek speak.

The hardest part was the unknown and not knowing where to find help. In tech I realize that googling is part of the gig. I already had a great appreciation for Salesforce and how available information is. Even back in the old days before Trailhead (BT) there was Help & Training.  Coding is really about trial and error, which can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming.

I knew that I was an expert at “trying and failing” being a long-time Salesforce Admin. I don’t think that I really ever found a good place for code help. Most of the resources that I found didn’t make sense to me. I ended up using Slack and collaborating with others taking the course.

What I didn’t know is how much my dyslexia was going to derail me. I had to find creative ways to figure out what the issue was. I had to read code backward to find spelling errors and missing characters. VS Code really helped me once I took the time to get myself set up in the application. Another thing that helped me was drawing out what it was that I wanted to build and pseudocoding the heck out of a project.

I’m happy that I did the bootcamp but happier that I’m finished. Now to get back to Trailhead, studying for certifications and building epic content for Trailblazers to further their career journey.

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