Victory Screech

I finally completed all the requirements for graduation of my code bootcamp!

This bootcamp about broke my brain. It was a ginormous leap into the realm of coding. It was not for the faint of heart for sure. This course was to take a non-coder to a full-stack coder in 24 weeks. I laughed at myself for even thinking that would be my end result, but if you know me, I wasn’t going to let that scare me off.

The skills that I learned from this course were Rudy, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. I also got super comfortable with GIT, Visual Code Studio and Heroku.  Soft skills that I furthered where time management, life juggling, stress management, and geek speak.

The hardest part was the unknown and not knowing where to find help. In tech I realize that googling is part of the gig. I already had a great appreciation for Salesforce and how available information is. Even back in the old days before Trailhead (BT) there was Help & Training.  Coding is really about trial and error, which can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming.

I knew that I was an expert at “trying and failing” being a long-time Salesforce Admin. I don’t think that I really ever found a good place for code help. Most of the resources that I found didn’t make sense to me. I ended up using Slack and collaborating with others taking the course.

What I didn’t know is how much my dyslexia was going to derail me. I had to find creative ways to figure out what the issue was. I had to read code backward to find spelling errors and missing characters. VS Code really helped me once I took the time to get myself set up in the application. Another thing that helped me was drawing out what it was that I wanted to build and pseudocoding the heck out of a project.

I’m happy that I did the bootcamp but happier that I’m finished. Now to get back to Trailhead, studying for certifications and building epic content for Trailblazers to further their career journey.

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 1.30.37 PM

2 thoughts on “Victory Screech

  1. Woot! Good job!! I just finished the RadWomenCode course, and my mind is fried from just that. Kudos to you for doing 24 weeks of hard-coding skills!! Are you going to take the Dev 1 certification now?


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