Dreamforce Hangover

Dreamforce is over…

The Dreamforce Hangover is the real deal. I’m slowly getting back to life and work a week after Dreamforce. It was so surreal to attend as an employee this year.

Jean Admin

This was my 14th Dreamforce and 2nd time speaking. I presented my session Misty Jones and Jet Kasinger 4 times in the Trailhead theaters and a 1 time extended version on the Admin breakout track.

There were so many great stories of Trailblazers. I enjoyed sticker trading Trailmojis with my Ohana.


The best part of Dreamforce is that I get to spend time with my teammates. We all pretty much work remote across the county. Nothing is better than a hug from your teammate right before you go on stage to speak.


If you didn’t catch Certification Preparation: Where To Begin at Dreamforce, you can watch it here:

Certification Preparation: Where To Begin

Whether you’ve already begun your journey to become Salesforce certified or are unsure of where to even start your certification preparation, join us for a look at the tools and resources available to you and learn why certifications and hands-on skills are essential to your career path. This session has everything you need to take your certification preparation to the next level.

Sharing my story of certification

I shared something personal this year in my journey to becoming certified. I’m dyslexic. It doesn’t define me but it is a part of me. As a kid, I had no idea that I actually had a learning disability. I knew I wasn’t the fastest reader and work seemed to take me longer than others.  Mostly I found myself daydreaming instead of doing the work in front of me. I loved reading which is always interesting to me that I figure out coping mechanisms to keep doing what I loved. I would get in trouble at school all the time for “talking out loud”; which was my way of reading so I comprehended what was on the page. I also would stop when I found a word that didn’t make sense and look it up. Now I can just Google.

This learning disability also made it difficult to spell. I still have a great deal of shame admitting that I do not spell well and have a very hard time pronouncing words. I had a teacher tell me to sound it out over and over… I just looked at her and said my brain doesn’t work that way. I’m so grateful for technology in today’s world. I have so many accommodations and coping skills now that I use daily.

To this day it is very hard for me when someone points out my disability. I have to remember to take a breath. This person doesn’t always know that I have a learning disability. This causes me great stress to type in a live setting with others watching. For this reason, I have Chrome extensions for spelling and grammar.

I urge anyone that has a disability to swallow your pride and ask for help. There are many accommodations that can be provided. As I tell my son, asking for help is smart; not asking is suffering. To those of you who don’t have a disability; please take a min with those of us who do. Joking or teasing us about it makes it difficult to trust that you are a safe person to have in our circle. Everyone is different and we need to choose kindness.

If you have a disability and need help taking an exam please reach out to the team via the Special Accommodations for Certification Exams.

Tips that help me

  • Schedule your exam at the very end of the day.
    • This gives me time to prepare myself to take the exam.
    • I zen the whole day before an exam.
    • Eat a good breakfast.
    • Workout
    • Do a short review of topics I have a hard time with.
  • Go to a testing location near you.
    • Scout out your location.
    • Do they have a private room?
    • Earplugs are a must
  • Asking for accommodations – Do a case with the Trailhead team
    • Do they have a private room to test?
    • Can I adjust the screen prior to starting?
    • Can I have more time?
    • Is there a person that can read the questions to me?
    • Can I use a screen reader to read the questions?
  • Tips for testing
    • Use your paper to brain dump prior to clicking the start button
    • Number a paper from 1 – 60 to track your progress.
    • Take a min to breathe before you start.
    • Read out loud the questions and answers (Private room or whisper to yourself.)
    • Read the question, all the answers and read the question again.
    • If you don’t know within 30 secs, guess, mark for review and move on.
    • Celebrate! Pass or fail; celebrate that you did it. You tried and that is what counts.

May the Force be with you!

One thought on “Dreamforce Hangover

  1. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story Jean! I’ve known a fair number of people, including my father, who struggled with dyslexia and similar conditions. I can only imagine the extra stress that may come with something like a certification. I expect this post to be heavily referenced in the future. Great tips!


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