Damsel in Distress


There are days when I feel like the damsel in distress… Were is my prince to whisk me away to where all the forest animals sing and dance all day?

Reality check ladies and gentlemen, that only happens in Disney movies or maybe if you are on drugs.

So instead I’ve decided to take control of my professional life and rescue myself! No prince needed.

First things first, I joined my local Girly Geeks Salesforce user group. Paula () and Marisa () welcomed me with open arms. It was awesome to join such amazing ladies in the community to get geeky with.

Second, I helped hold a user group event with 3  of the other Salesforce user group leaders. We did a 2 day event to launch Trailhead to our community. With Marisa’s () great mentoring skills on how we should run an event we had 72% attendance rate! Thank you to @TheChrisDuarte and @andyboettcher for being guest speakers at #SummerOfTrailheadTrailhead

Third, I’m investing in myself as a geek. I bought a book on coding, Head First Java. I’m told by Mike Norton (@NortonMD) that I should read the first 90 pages and I will be on my way. I’m working through the projects and modules on Trailhead. I got my first Trailhead badge at our event last weekend! Yay me!

First Trailhead badge

Plus, I just signed up to take my Advanced Admin Cert at Dreamforce this year. (No pressure)

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