It all started with a tweet….


Not that I want to give up my surname #SalesforcePrincess but being dubbed #CodeSlayer by the @PhxSFDUG group was pretty amazing. I think I actually spit some coffee out on my desk that morning.

I love working with Developers and reviewing what little code I understand with them. I’ve had some great teachers like Mike Norton show me mavensmate and other tools to look at Apex code.

Presenting to a group of developers on why they should look at Salesforce process builder was a little intimidating, but I did it anyway! csccu2owiaec5pz

Process builder has so many use cases for developers to use as part of their code base. My favorite reason is developers don’t have to create test code for a process builder process. Also using process builder makes it super easy for a declarative coder (a.k.a Salesforce Admin) to update.


My presentation skills paid off. I have a group of developers working with process builder in our current sprint. Hearing how easy they found it to use was music to my ears.


To learn more about Salesforce process builder check out the Salesforce Trailhead Process Automation badge.

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