Struck by Lightning!

Salesforce announced the Admin #LightningChallenge!


What is this #LightningChallenge you ask? Complete 10 challenges, 1 everyday and win AMAZING SWAG! Plus you will learn just some of the sweetness that is Salesforce Lightning.

I’ve always been skeptical of Lightning from the beginning. Honestly Lightning shakes up my realm. I’m on day 7 of the challenge. I can say that I may have not learned anything new just yet, but it was eye opening on how much customization lightning really gives an #awesomeadmin.

Being able to customize a home tab for any of my users profiles is awesomesauce. Lightning components are pretty handy too for a declarative admin. Some of the FREE components that I love are:

USA Heatmap Visualize your data on a state by state basis

What’s the Weather? Get real-time weather information in a flash

Hierarchy  Interactive visualization of your hierarchical data.

Come join me over at the Admin #LightningChallenge!

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