MVP – Mom Vice President!

Being a Mom is hard, period. I had a mentor remind me of this last week. She also reminded me that I’m my own MVP. Some think this is Most Valuable Player, but I’m renaming it to be Mom Vice President!

Every Mom has different duties, wether you are a mom working in the home, working part-time or full time outside the home. I actually wrote out my schedule one day.

5:30 AM – Wake up, get moving lady. Dress, drink your breakfast while driving to the gym. Amazing Hubster stays home to man the kiddos

6:10 AM Get moving at the gym. Gotta get the sexy back!

7:20 AM Make sure the family is moving… (Hubster is awesome at getting this moving) Getting everyone ready for work, school. Also shower and make yourself somewhat presentable for the outside world.

7:45 AM Everyone out the door or you will be late!

8:00 AM  WORK, WOrk, work…. Lifecycle of a Salesforce Administrator

10 AM Meetings, meetings, meetings

Noon Did I eat lunch? Dang that was snack…

3 PM Almost made it through the day.

5:00 PM on Tuesdays – Teach ADM211 Study Certification Session otherwise get out of the office if you can!

5:30 PM All other days: Collect toddler from daycare, mental note on dinner, hopefully the dinner genie made something good.

6:00 PM EAT or multitask eating with reviewing the day with family

6:15 PM Assist teenager with homework, occupy the toddler, fold laundry that didn’t get done, study flash cards for next cert test.

7:00 PM Bath time, everyone get in their PJs. (i.e. Mom balances laptop/iPad on knees while toddler plays in the tub. Yes, I have picture that my hubby blackmails me with)

8:00 PM First round of bedtime with toddler…

8:10 PM Second round of bedtime with toddler…

8:3o PM Touch base with teenager on next day and what time he will be heading to bed.

9:00 PM Trailhead and cert study time

10:00 PM I think I feel asleep with my laptop… Kiss the Hubster goodnight.

When I look back 10 years ago it was most of the same stuff. I was still a mom, just single. Raising a little boy with a learning disability, working full time and putting myself through college. Now is not better or worse, just different. I identify with single moms, working from home moms, working outside of the house moms and even moms that don’t have human children. Just think of the example as a mom you are setting for your children. Showing them how strong moms can be. Go be your MVP!


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